Fall It Up with Mason Jars and Popcorn

Fall doesn't technically start for a few more weeks. But I did bake my first batch of pumpkin cookies this weekend. 

The mason jars in my little display area were still filled with red and blue stars and looking very summery. With Septembers arrival I thought I could give it a little fall makeover. 

I filled the mason jars halfway with popcorn kernels. Kept the burlap wrapped around the jars but changed the yarn to orange. And added some orange yarn pom-poms. 

Plus a new fall printout in my frame to complete the display. 

You can get the free printable HERE

How to crush your next birthday party

My baby sister is really good at birthdays. Her husband celebrated his birthday over the weekend and she threw a fun swimming party Friday night.

Her husband isn't a big fan of 'cake' so she made a layered cookie cake. Between each layer was homemade buttercream frosting. Clearly this cake got devoured. 

My Dad, ever the jokester, made my brother-in-law his very own Candy Crush game. (He was inspired by a television commercial.) His real gift was hiding inside the box under the candy. 

All month long my sister has been telling her husband 'birthday lies' for what his gift was. From day trips out of state to getting him a pet monkey and everything in between. In reality she woke him up early Saturday morning and took him skydiving. He was completely surprised. She didn't tell anyone until after they had both jumped.

When I told Littlest that they had gone skydiving he very solemnly asked if they had died. (He was slightly confused about why people would jump out of an airplane.) Thankfully no one was injured, they had a great time, and they even have a video of their jump to document the experience.

Now I've got to get busy planning the twins birthday party. It will be here in just a few weeks!

Fresh Finds #55

As a handmade shop owner I love promoting handmade businesses. 

Every Friday I share some of my favorite handmade Fresh Finds of the week. 

I've been reading a lot this week. This mug sums up my feelings.

My Dad always have funny dinosaur versions of our names for me and my sisters. These would have been perfect.

I think my cats would love this.

Local handmade shoppers! Etsy Fort Worth and North Texas M.A.D.E. are hosting a handmade and vintage show benefitting Hope Center 4 Autism. Saturday September 6th at Rahr Brewery. More details, including a list of participating vendors, HERE.

Always Seek Knowledge ASK Yarn Bomb

At the beginning of the year I picked a word for 2014. That word was 'shine'. To share that word I made a 'shine' yarn bomb (which you can see HERE). 

One of my goals that went along with my word of the year was to share more yarn art. So what better way to share our school motto for the year than with an ASK yarn bomb! 

The letters are made from 29 small crochet flowers. I stitched the flowers together to form each letter. I chose blue, red, and gray to match the colors of the notebook paper canvas.

School is back in session

Our first week back to school and we are working on finding our groove.

Oldest Twin is working on the regions of Texas and early Texas history.
We've also spent a lot of time talking about all the different types of pronouns (subject, object, possessive, interrogative, demonstrative, indefinite, you get the point).
We started a new math curriculum. We're taking on Pre-Algebra this year.
We've started on human body systems. We did an overview and then will be diving into the skeletal system first.

I'm also doing a little bit of pre-school work with Littlest. We're talking about the letter A. We made airplanes. We ate apples.

And Youngest Twin is finding his place at school this year.

Oh, and I'm reading Beloved for my online class.

We're working on finding our rhythm.

I am really excited though about our motto for the year that I shared yesterday (ASK / Always Seek Knowledge). I've got a fun way planned to 'share' our motto, so stay tuned!