Bunny Kids Craft

One final Easter craft with the kids this week. And continuing our bunny theme this year.

I cut out lots of strips of spring patterned paper and let the kids glue them down onto a piece of manilla paper. 

Once we had all of our strips glued down we found a bunny outline online. I cut the bunny shape out of the paper and then we put it on top of our paper strips to reveal a colorful bunny. 

We also tried it in reverse. Tracing the bunny shape onto our paper strips and cutting the colorful bunny out.

I think both ways turned out cute. And now we have several bunnies hanging up around the house.

I am also excited to be the April Texas Women's Bloggers Blogger of the month! Yesterday on their blog I shared a fun dessert recipe, Cream Cheese Clouds, that you can see here.

Main St. 2014

Over the weekend was one of the biggest art shows that Fort Worth puts on, the Main Street Arts Festival. It's also one of my favorite art events.

This is a massive show. Main Street in Fort Worth (hence Main Street Arts Festival) is closed down for four days and is filled with white tents, fabulous artwork, live music, and festival food. Artists from all over the country (and some international) come to participate in this event.

On Saturday my youngest sister and her husband came over and we walked down and enjoyed some of the art together.

checking out artist Andrew Sovjani

I noticed more signs in artists booths this year requesting no photography. So instead I'll link to just a few of the artists that I really enjoyed (You can also see a full online version of the festival guide here)

Glass artist Scott Amrhein

Mixed Media artist David Burton

Painter Ginny Herzog

Ceramics artist Gregg Rasmusson

Sculpture artist Dakota Pratt

Painter Tate Hamilton

Fort Worth photographer and emerging artist Brian Luenser

Fresh Finds #35

As a handmade shop owner I love promoting handmade businesses. 

Every Friday I share some of my favorite handmade Fresh Finds of the week. 

Home // Sarah K Benning

Hand Painted Wooden Magnet // ANAMARKO

Wood World Map // Crafty Hands Full Heart

White on White in Twin // Gypsya

Crafty Thursday Obsessions {#15}

This week I shared easy Easter Bunny Donuts (here) and there is still time to order a crochet Bunny Peep in time for Easter (here)

This weeks features are

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Fun at the Kimbell

The Kimbell Art Museum here in Fort Worth is home to some of my very favorite paintings. It is a gorgeous museum and we live closer to it now than I ever have. Sadly, I don't visit it nearly as often as I would like to. Taking a small boy to the museum is often more stressful to me than it is enjoyable.

However, they currently have a special Samurai exhibit on display and my Mom offered to take Littlest and I to go see it. So we gave it a try.

He didn't have the longest attention span but Littlest did really enjoy seeing the swords and other armor. His favorite display were some Samurai on horseback.

No photography was allowed in Samurai exhibit, so no pictures to share. But afterwards we enjoyed the outdoor area between the main museum and the new Renzo Piano Pavillion (where the Samurai exhibit is). And my favorite part? Littlest posing and asking us to take his picture.